RiverPitch is back!

25 NOVEMBER 2021 | 6:00PM AEST

Following the success of RiverPitch Live in Brisbane since 2012, once again, we are excited to be bringing RiverPitch Live 2021 to Brisbane over one electric evening, full to the brim of superstar entrepreneurs, supported by Investors, Industry and Community.

RiverPitch Live aims to provide a platform to Technology Startups who are capital raising to de-formalise and amplify their search for investment and be a growth catalyst.


The format of the evening consists of up to ten 5-minute pitches from a select group of pre-screened tech startups seeking Seed to Series A funding. Pitches will be made to a live audience and streamed online.

Once pitches have concluded, networking will continue for the Live event.

Join us and the broader ecosystem to celebrate 2021 with one of Brisbane’s flagship showcases of Technology & Innovation!

Join us and the broader ecosystem to celebrate 2021
with one of Brisbane's flagship showcases of Technology & Innovation!


For all media enquiries please contact [email protected]

Media notice: Photography and video may be taken during the event and will be shared on River City Labs', affiliate and media networks. If you have any concerns or queries, please contact the River City Labs team at [email protected]



BDO for Startups is a specialist division for early stage, high growth ventures led by world-class entrepreneurs and founders from one of the world’s leading accountancy and advisory organisations.


Sharesource provides smart STEM teams global opportunities, and partner with disruptive businesses to practically discover growth potential while creating positive social and environmental impacts.


Cake Equity are alumni of RiverPitch 2019 and are on a mission to simplify the way startups raise capital, manage shareholders and use employee equity to build great teams.